How to Use

Our shop is a brothel that women can use.

If you are a woman over the age of 18, anyone can use us casually.

However, only women who can communicate in Japanese to some extent can use it.


Service contents

The male cast of our shop will give sexual massage to female customers.

The service flow begins with a regular massage using aroma oil or powder.

Once the massage is complete, the sexual massage will begin.


The sexual massage is a play aimed at making women feel comfortable by performing “touch”,

“caressing”, “kissing”, etc. to the erogenous zone of women.


Japanese law prohibits sexual intercourse (insertion). So, except sexual intercourse, it is possible to play whatever you want if you request.

Do not be shy, do a lot of naughty things and get excited!


Concerning the place where you use the service, you can call a man wherever you like, such as “your home”, “sex hotel”, “business hotel”, “city hotel”, “rental room”, etc.


Basically, if you are using a hotel, a man will directly visit the hotel. If you feel, “I do not want to enter the hotel alone” or “I’m not familiar with the hotel” and so on, you can meet a man at the nearest station or around the hotel and to enter a hotel room with the man.


Price System

In order to use our service, total amounts of the following three fees is required: (1) course fee + (2) nomination fee + (3) transportation expenses.

(1) [Course fee]

Time Price
70 min 12,000 yen
90 min 15,000 yen
120 min 20,000 yen
150 min 25,000 yen
180 min 30,000 yen
240 min~ ASK
Extension 30min 5,000 yen


(2) [Nomination fee]

From the cast list page, please check the part of the [Nomination Fee] for the man you want to call.

Depending on the man, the nomination fee varies.

It is also possible to play without a nomination.

In the case of no nomination, the shop will select a man and take him to you. In the case of no nomination, no nomination fee will be charged.


(3) [Transportation expenses]

Meeting place Fare
Yamanote Line stations 1,000 yen
Inside Tokyo 23 wards other than Yamanote Line 2,000 yen
Outside Tokyo 23 wards 3,000 yen
Yokohama / Kawasaki / Ichikawa / Funabashi / Kawaguchi 4,000 yen
Other areas ASK


How to Reserve

There are two types of reservation methods: “telephone reservation” or “LINE reservation”. Both are accepted only in Japanese.

・ For telephone reservation

Please call 03-4500-1860.


・ For LINE reservation

Please send a message from the “official LINE” on our website.


Prohibited Acts

・ Use by under the age of 18 is prohibited.

・ Men and transsexual people cannot use our service.

・ Sexual intercourse (insertion) is prohibited under Japanese law.

・ Use by unsanitary people is prohibited.

・ Use by drug users is prohibited.

・ Use during menstruation is prohibited.

・ Use by pregnant women is prohibited.

・ Use by people with sexually transmitted diseases or infectious diseases is prohibited.

・ If you cancel frequently, your use is prohibited.

・ It is forbidden to do or say something that our male casts feel uncomfortable.

・ Shooting, voyeurism, wiretapping, recording, etc. are strictly prohibited.

・ In addition, if we judge that somebody is inappropriate, we will stop the service on her.


If any of these apply, we will stop the service on you. In that case, no refund will be given. Please note that if it is too bad, you will be expelled by police immediately.


Our store has submitted a business report to the Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission (police station).

It is a brothel for women with a solid operational qualification.

No store type special brothel business number [No. 21345]





【Business hours】AM10:00-AM6:00